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From suing states over baseless voter fraud claims to being named in a defamation suit regarding those same accusations, Rudy Giuliani faces another reckoning in his career descent.

The Associated Press reports Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit in Washington D.C. on Monday against the former New York City mayor, who served as Trump’s personal lawyer during his time in the White House.

Dominion Voting Systems is seeking a whopping $1.3 billion in damages over Giuliani’s former tweets, speeches, news segment appearances and podcast episodes riddled with misinformation, claiming the company conspired to flip votes in favor of President Biden over Trump. It also states Giuliani falsely claimed the election was rigged by a Venezuelan company.

The suit states Giuliani engaged in “a viral disinformation campaign about Dominion” made up of “demonstrably false” allegations, in an effort to boost his financial gains and notoriety.

“For Dominion — whose business is producing and providing voting systems for elections — there are no accusations that could do more to damage Dominion’s business or to impugn Dominion’s integrity, ethics, honesty, and financial integrity,” the lawsuit says. “Giuliani’s statements were calculated to — and did in fact — provoke outrage and cause Dominion enormous harm.”

In their suit Dominion Voting Systems says Giuliani is also a complicit member of public officials who helped instigate the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. They claim the fallout over the claims required one of their top executives to go into hiding to escape threats.

As we know, nearly all of the suits brought by Trump and his crew alleging fraud over the 2020 election have been tossed, including lawsuits brought before federal courts and the Supreme Court.

Last month, Giuliani engaged in a erratic display during his arguments in Michigan where he called witnesses to the stand were openly racist and xenophobic during “testimonies” alleging voter fraud.

Many saw through the whole display, naming it as one of the many tactics to disenfranchise Black voters who helped secure Biden’s presidency in battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Not to mention the embarrassment of watching hair dye run down his sides as he continued the voter election claims from the White House.


The Dominion Voting Systems lawsuits is just one of the many losses Giuliani will continue to face as the protection of the White House fades into a distant memory. Earlier this month the chairman of the New York State Senate’s judiciary committee formally requested that the state court system revoke Giuliani’s law license.

Giuliani incredulously told The New York Times he will file a countersuit.

“The amount being asked for is, quite obviously, intended to frighten people of faint heart. It is another act of intimidation by the hate-filled left-wing to wipe out and censor the exercise of free speech, as well as the ability of lawyers to defend their clients vigorously. As such, we will investigate a countersuit against them for violating these Constitutional rights,” he said in a statement.


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