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Storm the Capitol

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An Indiana woman who happily participated in the parade of clowns that stormed the U.S. Capitol evaded punishment on Wednesday after a judge sentenced her to three years of probation, $500 in restitution, and 40 hours of community service as part of a plea.

Anna Morgan-Lloyd, a 49-year-old grandmother of five, got off essentially scot-free in the case after verbalizing that viewing the movies “Schindler’s List” and “Just Mercy” encouraged her to revisit her archaic frame of thinking. With almost 500 arrests related to the insurrection at the Capitol, Morgan-Lloyd’s case exemplifies an exit route for many of the attendees who face similar charges.

Prior to her sentencing Morgan-Lloyd pled guilty in federal court to one charge of parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building, USA Today reports. But as we know, white women’s tears are often all that’s needed for those in power positions to look the other way.

“I’ve learned that even though we live in a wonderful country things still need to improve,” Morgan-Lloyd wrote in her plea. “People of all colors should feel as safe as I do to walk down the street.”

“I’m ashamed that it became a savage display of violence that day,” she tearfully stated in court. “I would’ve never been there if I had a clue it was going to turn out that way, because it was never my intent to be a part of anything that is so disgraceful to the American people.”

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth stated that he struggled with his decision, due to the unjust actions of the insurrectionists but ultimately sided with prosecutors who argued that Morgan-Lloyd didn’t present enough of a threat on Jan. 6 after only spending 10 minutes inside of the Capitol.

Nevermind the fact that a Capitol officer, who the same group of people often defend through the mantra of “Blue Lives Matter,” lost his life.

Days after the riot Morgan-Lloyd gleefully shared her participation on social media, along with her friend, Dona Sue Bissey, who also awaits sentencing. In one message Morgan-Lloyd posted, “It was a day I’ll remember forever. I’m proud that I was part of it!” In another post she voiced Jan. 6 was “the most exciting day of my life.”

Morgan-Lloyd was later arrested after she was identified by a Greene County Sheriff’s Office employee while attempting to apply for a gun permit.

Under the terms of her probation, Morgan-Lloyd is also prohibited from purchasing a firearm.

Meanwhile, there are several cases that show the blatant hypocrisy of the justice system, where mothers are thrown in jail for falsifying residency documents in order to send their children to school, or Black women like Crystal Mason who were jailed for attempting to vote.

But as you know, this is America.


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