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Pictures surfaced online Friday of an event held by proponents of the proposed Buckhead City, featuring a Black Atlanta Police officer who made headlines for a violent arrest during last year’s protest. Buckhead City is the name of the proposed new city, led by wealthy white Republicans, that would rip apart the existing city of Atlanta.  

Ivory Streeter was one of the officers who dragged and tased two HBCU students just days before another Atlanta Police officer killed Rayshard Brooks. Messiah Young of Morehouse College and Taniya Pilgram of Spelman College were pulled from their vehicle and tased on live television last May.  

Mark Gardner and Ivory Streeter

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As previously reported by NewsOne, Streeter was reinstated to his position in February. The city of Atlanta’s Civil Service Board reversed the officers’ prior termination stating that the city did not follow the proper process. 

Nathaniel Horadam took the time to identify many attendees, including Streeter, in a Twitter thread Friday.  

“Here’s Bill White talking about them, along with who I can only assume is another law enforcement officer,” Horadam tweeted. “Streeter had a turn at the mic, where I’m sure he claimed mistreatment for his (at best) gross negligence. This is what secessionists want…0 accountability.”

Despite claims that the cityhood effort is nonpartisan, pictures from the event showed an overwhelmingly partisan presence with plenty of support outside of Atlanta proper. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported back in June that Bill White, head of the Buckhead City exploratory committee, is a northern transplant moving to Atlanta in the last three years. The outlet called him a skilled fundraiser connected to former President Donald Trump.  

Bloomberg recently reported that de-annexation is opposed by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and two Buckhead-based business groups, the Buckhead Coalition and the Buckhead Business Association. An opposition group, the Committee for a United Atlanta, outlined what it says are the potential pitfalls of de-annexation for Buckhead residents. The group cited an analysis pointing to increased taxes for Buckhead residents and reduced community services. 

The proposed area would have to be approved by the Georgia legislature and then a vote by those in the proposed area to become a city. Allowing only a particular portion of the city to decide whether it is ripped apart could raise equity concerns.

The Saporta Report noted the Atlanta legislative delegation would be holding a press conference on this issue on Monday, Oct. 18.  Axios previously reported the loss of Buckhead could cost the city of Atlanta over $300 million in recurring tax revenue to City Hall and Atlanta Public Schools.  

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