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We’re currently living in a time where the people paid to protect us can sometimes be our  biggest detractors, especially if you happen to be Black unfortunately.

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A Raleigh, North Carolina detective recently proved that to be true after he was fired for conspiring to plant fake heroin on Black men with help from an informant and knowledge from other officers.

As reported by ABC11, former detective Omar Abdullah was terminated on Oct. 28 after being placed on leave from the Raleigh Police Department last year.

He apparently was working with a confidential informant who promised to tip-off the department on heroin dealers. On the contrast, the person ended up bringing back faulty clips of alleged drug buys and substances that ended up not being drugs at all.

According to the civil lawsuit fake herion was planted on the suspects with the knowledge of other officers as well.

See below for a breakdown of how the drug-planting opp affected the Black men wrongfully accused, via ABC-11:

“The attorneys said wrongful prosecutions caused those who were arrested to spend roughly a combined 2.5 years in jail before the charges were dismissed.

Robin Mills’ son, Marcus Van Irvin, was arrested by Abdullah for bogus heroin and initially put in jail on a $450,000 bond.

Mills is frustrated with the lack of transparent answers about how this happened and wants to know why more officers haven’t been held accountable.

She said Abdullah’s firing and the civil settlement aren’t enough.

‘They did what they needed to do from a civil perspective. But now we’re talking about criminal,’ she said. ‘And there’s no way the kidnapping of over a dozen black men is not criminal.’”


Attorneys for 15 Black men who filed a civil suit against Abdullah, seven other officers and the City of Raleigh announced that a $2 million settlement was reached.

Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman has declined to prosecute Abdullah on criminal charges, but he was placed on leave from Raleigh Police Department last year.


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