Two years ago, 37-year-old Tremar Harris was a pre-trial detainee in solitary confinement at the Appling County jail in Brunswick, Georgia.

Dexter Reed was shot and killed by Chicago police last month after they allegedly pulled him over for failing to wear a seatbelt.

Matthew Rodriguez admitted to using “unreasonable force” when he was processing 19-year-old Jaquwan Smith at the Warren jail.

Police bodycam footage appears to show officers doing what cops tend to do when they've pulled over a Black motorist.

The body of Trevonte Jamal Shubert-Helton was found hanging from a tree.

Race Matters

A white New Jersey mayor ordered a Black man removed from public property because of an unfounded fear of violence, a lawsuit says.

Video evidence presented in the trial contradicts the police narrative a jury agreed with.

The two-count indictment against Matthew Rodriguez was filed Thursday and will take the place of a federal criminal complaint filed in July.

Silvester Hayes filed a lawsuit last week after an October 2021 encounter with police led him to lose his home and job as a security guard.

The family of Steven Perkins is searching for answers after he was shot and killed by Alabama police during a dispute with a tow truck driver.

Gershun Freeman, 33, died Oct. 5 inside Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee, while having a psychotic episode.

The family of Irvo Otieno has finally reached a settlement in his tragic death.