Civil Rights & Social Justice

Wayne Gardine and Jabar Walker were exonerated in separate cases after serving a combined 50+ years in prison for murders they didn't commit. 


Participating in prison education decreases the chances of recidivism by 6.7 percentage points – from 46% to 39.3%.


Young Black men represented 93.9% of firearm-related homicide victims in Chicago and 79.3% of gun homicides in Philadelphia.

It costs more money to live on your own than it does to share your space with a partner. This is known as the “singles tax.” 


Healing from racial trauma can help reduce the negative impacts of racism and provide the emotional resources to challenge injustices.

Truckers were racially profiled in South Dakota.

Video footage from a South Dakota Denny's shows two Black men having cops called on them after a white waitress refused to serve them and kicked out of the restaurant: “They’re serving everybody else.”

Black News

The pan-Afrikan psychologist addressed Black men, women and the Black family structure.


Police in Aurora, Colorado, killed Jor'dell Richardson, 14, in a shooting a coroner called a homicide. Bodycam footage shows Richardson telling cops, "You got me," seconds before he was shot.


States incarcerated Black people for violent offenses at a rate over six times that of white adults by 2019.

According to a new study, senior Black men have a considerably higher chance of dying after surgery as compared to their white counterparts.

In just two days, three men of color were killed by LAPD, one of which involved a Black man who was having a mental health crisis.