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The frenzy surrounding R. Kelly’s sex abuse trial has slowed down a bit — well, at least until it all starts back up again in Chicago next summer!  — but the damage he’s done is still having an effect on those who have loved ones he may still have control over even from his prison cell.

The family of one of his more infamous girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage, are still reaching out in hopes that she’ll escape the Stockholm syndrome he seems to have over her.

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage spoke with TMZ exclusively about their daughter, telling the outlet that Joycelyn has missed out on very important family updates due to her unwavering loyalty for Kelly. Much like the past death of her paternal grandfather, the Savages says Joycelyn also hasn’t been able to be contacted directly about the passing of her maternal grandmother. “Joycelyn, we need to hear from you directly,” Jonjelyn told TMZ with hurt in her voice, continuing by adding, “we’ve always gone through third-party information, and weren’t able to hear from her directly without what I can ‘prison calls,’ where the calls are known to be scripted.”

Timothy added similar sentiments as well, adding on by stating, “Everybody want to say she’s grown; let me hear from a grown woman. I want to hear from my daughter.”

Many believed that Joycelyn would hopefully follow in a similar path to her former sister wife Azriel Clary, who broke free after Kelly’s initial arrest and has since spoken out adamantly about the abuse she now admits to lying about during that infamous interview with Gayle King.

We hope the Savages get a happy ending in this nightmare of a situation, and fingers crossed that Joycelyn comes to her senses to understand that she’ll probably not be seeing her convicted abuser boyfriend anytime soon.

Kelly was found guilty in September on all counts in a federal sex trafficking trial that took place in Brooklyn, New York. The charges stemmed from decades of allegations that the singer was abusing multiple underage girls and boys as well as women for more than 30 years.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that jurors used to inform their verdict, the singers’ supporters are seemingly more invigorated than ever to get seek vindication for Kelly that will likely never come.

Many of the singer’s accusers testified against him in court, including a former teenage aspiring rapper who said under oath that Kelly “lured him to his Chicago-area home in 2007 with false offers of helping him with his fledgling music career.”


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