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PA GOP Senate Candidates Kathy Barnette and Dr. Mehmet Oz Speak At Republican Leadership Forum

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Barnette walks off the stage after speaking during a Republican leadership forum at Newtown Athletic Club on May 11, 2022, in Newtown, Pennsylvania. | Source: Michael M. Santiago / Getty

Some people may wonder how all of these Black Republican political candidates are becoming frontrunners in GOP primaries. Well, the answer is simple: White conservatives need Black friends. But they can’t be Black Blackthey need to be Black and conservative. But they can’t just be simple, relatively moderate conservativesthey need to be extreme.

So, maybe that’s the reason photos have surfaced claiming to show Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Barnette — “a conservative commentator who has surged into contention ahead of Tuesday’s primary election in Pennsylvania,” according to Reuters — marching alongside the Proud Boys in Washington, D.C., on Jan 6, 2021, also known as the day of the treasonous and insurrectionist Rowdy Whites Rebellion took place at the U.S. Capitol.

Now, I know spotting the lone Black woman in these photos full of MAGA hat rubes is like flipping through the pages of a Where’s Sunken Place Waldo book, but if you look closely, she’s there.

From Reuters:

The photos of Barnette were posted online by Chad Loder, a left-wing activist who researches and writes about online extremism, and confirmed as authentic by NBC News. The photos show Barnette, wearing a winter coat and gray hat, walking behind two Proud Boys members who were later indicted for participating in the Capitol riot.

NBC News said there was no evidence that Barnette breached the Capitol or engaged in any violence. The attack on the Capitol came shortly after Trump made incendiary remarks at a rally repeating his false claims that the election was stolen through widespread voting fraud.

Barnette’s campaign confirmed that she was there that day, but they needed it to be made very clear that she did not participate in the Crazy Caucasian Coup that took place on Jan. 6.

“Kathy was in D.C. to support President Trump and demand election accountability,” Barnette’s campaign said in a statement. “Any assertion that she participated in or supported the destruction of property is intentionally false. She has no connection whatsoever to the Proud Boys.”

OK, but what’s also “intentionally false” is the idea that demonstrations that took place on Jan. 6 had anything to do with “election accountability” rather than baseless and thoroughly disproven election fraud propaganda spread by an ex-loser-in-chief who convinced a bunch of his minions that the presidency was stolen from him. But, again, if you’re going to be a Black GOP frontrunner, you have to be on the side of right-wing extremism.

More from Reuters:

Opinion polls show Barnette gaining ground against her better-financed primary rivals, TV wellness celebrity Mehmet Oz – who is endorsed by Trump – and former hedge fund executive David McCormick. Barnette is hoping to become the first Black woman Republican to serve in the Senate.

Aht aht aht—wanting to be the “first Black woman Republican to serve in the Senate” sounds a lot like “identity politics” and that’s a GOP no-no, amirite? I mean, how can a Black woman seek out that milestone without recognizing how racist it is that, in 2022, she’d be the first Black woman to hold that position?

Reuters also noted that Barnette’s “rise has worried some Republican leaders who are concerned that her views are too extreme to win Pennsylvania’s general election,” and that she recently “appeared on Fox News to defend herself over several Islamophobic messages she posted years ago.”

Well, that’s the beast the GOP created. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Barnette needs to be as close as possible to a Black Marjorie Taylor Greene variant to gain the favor of MAGA voters.


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