The MAGA Republican openly regretted Jan. 6 wasn't successful.

It's important to put the Capitol riots in their proper historical perspective.

Even in the face of destruction and racist terror, a handful of Black people emerged as heroes among the brave Americans who stood up to the bigoted Capitol mob and defended democracy.

Jan. 6 convict Vitali GossJankowski was tackled to the ground by federal agents while in court after trying to flee, according to reports.

Protesting the sentences for convicted Jan. 6 Capitol rioters, Sarah Palin asked during a Newsmax interview: "What’s the use in being a good guy?"

The Proud Boy was sentenced in shame.

Kevin Seefried used a Confederate flag to attack a Black police officer on Jan. 6, 2021.

The man behind the rally before the Capitol riot urged Congress to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene.


On the anniversary of the Capitol riots, never forget that historians estimate there were around 250 insurrections in America that involved 10 or more enslaved people starting in the early 1600s.


MSNBC's Elise Jordan discussed the Jan. 6 Capitol riot with a panel of ill-informed Donald Trump supporters in a viral video.


Marjorie Taylor Greene had a prayer session with a Jan. 6 convict, Brandon Straka, in a prop jail cell during a CPAC in Dallas.