A GOP-led last-second lawsuit aims to stop absentee ballots in Detroit.

Black GOP congressional candidate Jerone Davison's campaign ad depicts him fending off "Democrats in Klan hoods" with an AR-15.

This is the same man who once said that "America is not a racist country."

Imagine being this eager to be a lap dog for white supremacy.

The GOP candidate selectively flip-flopped on his pro-Trump, anti-CRT stances.

Massachusetts candidate Rayla Campbell's comments about oral sex and children were "inappropriate," not her overall message, Republican Geoff Diehl said.

Winsome Sears, Virginia's new lieutenant governor, is the first woman of color to be elected to the position and the first woman of color to win any statewide election there. She's also a Republican willing to say all of the white people-friendly things regarding race relations in America.

Conservative supporters of Larry Elder, a Black Republican running in California's gubernatorial recall election, want "hate crime" charges for a white woman who threw eggs at him while wearing a gorilla mask. They claim it's racist.

Larry Elder, the often-controversial Black conservative politician from California, gave a hot take on the idea of reparations during a guest appearance on 'The Candace Owens Show' where he argued that slave owners could also be compensated due to their "property being taken away" after the Civil War.

Ja'Ron Smith, the now-former Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, said his conveniently timed departure from the Trump administration was "planned."

Democrat’s optimism over the impeachment inquiry public hearings got a bit of a reality check when Texas Rep. Will Hurd, the only Black Republican in the House, signaled his support for Trump.

When Donald Trump famously asked Black people what they had to lose by voting for him, he probably never imagined he would be the one on the losing end of that hollow proposition.