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Candace Owens congress testimony

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Here’s a question: If Black conservatives are the “free thinkers” they claim to be, how come they’re all just saying the same old white people things white conservatives have been saying since forever?

If Kanye West is such a “free thinker,” why is it his only way of demonstrating that appears to be MAGA hats, Trump-humping, “White Lives Matter” hats and recycling false claims that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, not from having a cop’s knee on his neck for more than eight minutes?

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If Herschel Walker is another Black person who has exited the so-called “matrix,” where are his original thoughts? Why is he generally just a walking bobblehead with a string on his side you can pull that causes him to echo pre-recorded right-wing talking points? Why does being a Black Republican always seem to mean defaulting to pro-cop, anti-Black Lives Matter, anti-critical race theory, anti-abortion and anti-universal healthcare rhetoric?

Then there’s Candace Owens.

Now, I’m pretty sure Candace the MAGA Mantis is more of a grifter than an ideologue. Actually, she’s probably both. But even among all of the Uncle Ruckus variants who overpopulate the sunken place, Candace stands as the shucker-and-jiver-in-chief and white nationalism’s biggest Black cheerleader. And she’s never shared a single opinion that couldn’t also be found in the Book of White Conservative Basicness.

According to Mediaite, Owens recently spoke at a Turning Point USA event at Michigan State University. And because Candace is the living embodiment of bitter white conservative platitudes and clichés, her speech inevitably devolved into a boo-hoo session for the most privileged demographic in America—the straight, white, cisgender male.

From Mediaite:

“You have to be something. It’s like, people lie, they’re lying on college applications. They’re like, ‘Okay, I’m white, but I’m also trans.’ And you’re like, ‘What? Why are you pretending?’ Because, ‘I don’t want people to think I’m too normal,’” she added.

“And people, you know, they’re just trying to find something that makes them not White. Right?” said Owens. “And it’s really staggering to think that once upon a time, that is exactly what the experience was for a Black American.”

She claimed that the experiences of Black Americans during segregation are the same as what White men are experiencing now.

“Being a Black American was so problematic that you weren’t going to be allowed into the room. Now you have the exact same thing happening in reverse, and you have liberals trying to convince you that that’s equality,” she said. “It’s not! All lives matter. And that’s including White lives matter, you know?”

Klandace is really out here accusing people of “pretending” while she’s pretending white people are being discriminated against in a country that is still around 60% white. She’s pretending straight white men are up against it in a country where white men are 30% of the population but 62% of officeholders in the federal government and local governments across the nation. She’s pretending that the worst thing to be is a white man in a country where white men overwhelmingly dominate corporate America. She’s pretending white men are the most vulnerable in a society where they are the least likely to be arrested for a crime they committed, racially profiled, harassed, brutalized or shot while unarmed by police.

It’s like saying fake rats and pizza lovers are discriminated against at Chuck E. Cheese.

But this really isn’t about how demonstrably wrong Owens is or how easily her argument is to dismantle. This is about how Owens is griping the same gripe disgruntled white men have been griping for literal decades. There’s nothing new about this way of thinking. There’s nothing fresh or clever about the “all lives matter” argument. It’s old and stale and we’ve already argued a gazillion different ways that “Black lives matter” doesn’t mean “only Black lives matter,” and that “all lives matter” (along with all its other variants) is nothing more than a racist and resentful and fragile response to BLM—demonstrated by the clear fact that no one was saying “all lives matter,” “blue lives matter” or “white lives matter” before BLM was a thing.

Right now, Ye is set to purchase the right-wing social media outlet Parler (which is owned by Owens’ husband, by the way) because “conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves.”

Like Candace and white conservatives all over America, Ye is pretending conservative opinions can’t be found ad nauseam on any major social media platform in existence. Even if it was arguable that “conservative opinions” are more controversial than any other ideology-based opinions, conservatives were just fine when it was progressive ideas that were widely viewed as warped and immoral (which many of them still are, if we’re being honest).

It’s like—conservatives think they’re oppressed simply because they’re not as popular as they used to be.

Meanwhile, Black conservatives think they’re “free thinkers” just because they’re switching over to an established, historically white ideology that is as old and un-changing as America itself.


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Candace Owens congress testimony
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