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Jarret Hobbs - black man beaten by deputies georgia

Source: Harry Daniels / iOne Digital

The officers who brutally attacked a 41-year-old black man in his jail cell were arrested on Tuesday. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) arrested three officers with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office in connection to the brutal beating of Jarrett Hobbs.

Officers Braxton Massey, Mason Garrick, and Ryan Biegel were arrested and booked into the same Detention center where they mercilessly beat Hobbs. All three men were charged with battery of an inmate and violating the oath of office

GBI launched its investigation last week after videos of the officers beating Hobbs at the Camden County Detention Center went viral online.

Civil rights attorney Harry Daniels, who represents Jarrett Hobbs, was elated for his client that justice could be served in his case but pointed blame at the Sheriff’s Office for their failure to investigate an incident that happened in September.

The GBI launched their investigation and arrested these violent thugs just days after learning what happened,” said Daniels. “Compare that to Sheriff Proctor who sat on it for more than two months and did nothing, and it’s clear who takes justice seriously and who doesn’t.”

“This is just the first step toward justice. Convictions and imprisonment are the final acts.”

Civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers, who joined Hobbs’ legal team last week, was encouraged by the arrests but said the GBI can not stop their investigation into the Camden County Sheriff’s Office with this case. 

“We want to thank the GBI and Director Register for their swift and decisive action,” said Sellers. “But we also encourage them not to let their investigation end with these arrests. These three are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Hobbs’ attorneys also requested that the DOJ investigate whether the officers involved violated Hobbs’ civil rights and potentially committed a hate crime.

September Jarrett Hobbs (41), was beaten mercilessly by several Camden County Sheriff’s Office deputies at the Camden County Detention Center. 

In the video, Jarrett Hobbs can be seen in his cell at the Camden County Detention Center on Sept. 3, 2022. A few seconds later multiple deputies burst into the cell and began beating him for no obvious reason, punching him in the head and body multiple times. The scuffle continues as the deputies drag Hobbs from the cell, throw him against a cinder block wall, and kick him repeatedly while he is defenseless. A portion of Hobbs’ hair was also pulled out during the brutal attack.

A few days later, more video was released which included audio of Hobbs’ screaming as officers punched and kicked him. One officer can be heard threatening to “break your [EXPLETIVE] thumb” if Hobbs refused to let go of a piece of paper he was holding.


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