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With so much going on around the country right now, political commentator Bakari Sellers called into the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to break down everything happening in Florida, specifically with Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state’s rejection of advanced placement (AP) African American studies course.

Sellers, who is also a respected civil rights attorney currently involved in a police brutality case in Georgia, took the time to share his opinion on whether DeSantis rejecting the AP course would actually help the Republican governor of Florida’s chances at a potential 2024 presidential run. He also discussed why the focus was on only African American studies before addressing the latest happenings behind the classified documents being found at President Joe Biden’s home.

When asked specifically to elaborate on the new law and what’s the real motive behind it, Sellers explained:

“So, it’s silly. I mean it’s ignorant and for me, the difficulty is I always have to explain my blackness to people and it gets so frustrating. I mean, what I mean by that is there are only 6 topics out of 100. Is that Florida Department of Education objects to? Only six out of 100, so that has to be clear. Those six they object to are intersectionality of Black queer studies, Black Lives Matter, Black feminist thought reparations and black study, and the struggle of the 21st century. Those are the only objections they have, and so they got rid of an entire. Force with over 100 topics. About our history. Because of these six and these six, for me actually belong, you cannot study the last 20 years of black culture and not study Black Lives matter. You cannot study the March on Washington, Rock’n’Roll and Little Richard.

He went on, “I mean all of these individuals who played. That’s a huge little poetry writing in James Baldwin who are black and gay, and so these things actually matter and it. Just showed me. How much of a little man Ron DeSantis is, and it’s infuriating and frustrating and requires us day in and day out to show that we belong and who we are. “

Listen to the entire segment below from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.



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