Judge Joe Brown Once Suggested It’s ‘A Lie’ That Tina Turner Was Abused By Ike Turner

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Last week, many mourned the unfortunate passing of Tina Turner, The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. With less than a week since her passing, years-old comments made by Judge Joe Brown about the superstar being a “witch” and “pimp” have resurfaced.

In an hour-long interview on The Judge Joe Brown Show podcast, produced by Valerie Denise Jones, Judge Joe Brown revealed two years ago his “foul” interactions with Tina Turner.

He claimed that she “had women playing prostitutes [for her]” at 17 years old, and was verbally and physically abusive towards Ike and others.

The famous movie What’s Love Got to Do with It? portrays the life of Turner and highlights the escape from her abusive relationship with Ike Turner to becoming an international superstar. Brown attempted to expose what he claimed were falsities within the film, saying that she was in fact the abusive one in the relationship. Allegedly, Ike Turner was a mentor and close friend to Judge Joe Brown.

“I don’t know, but everybody in L.A. who has seen them over that long period of time…said that’s a lie. It’s the other way around, cause it was always the other way around. She’d be whining about what he did to her and some people that would see it [would say] that wasn’t the way it went down. It was Tina [that] did that to him,” Brown said on the podcast.


Tina’s estate has not addressed the allegations.

Speaking of allegations, it wasn’t too long ago that the good judge was in the news for all the wrong reasons once again.

Back in March, Brown was forced to address the implication that he sexually assaulted actress Sheryl Lee Ralph years ago. She never accused him, but he still felt the need to speak out on the allegations.

All Ralph said was that she was sexually assaulted in the past by a famous television judge.

Ralph revealed no names and ruled out just one famous TV judge as being the culprit, apparently prompting Brown in unsolicited comments to vehemently deny that he is the person the Abbot Elementary star was talking about. Brown even threatened to take legal action.

Ralph told Variety in an interview that she experienced the unfortunate encounter during an industry event but was advised against coming forward with the allegations at the time to avoid bad press.

Ralph later in the interview made it clear that she was not talking about Judge Greg Mathis, of the “udge Mathis court TV series.

Ralph’s comments sparked widespread speculation about who she was talking about; apparently so much so that Brown felt compelled to speak out.

“There’re false rumors being spread that I mistreated a certain lady ≈ 25 yrs ago,” Brown tweeted. “I categorically deny both the accusations & acquaintance with the lady.”

Brown then suggested he was the victim of “defamation” and said he may go the legal route to address any potential grievances against media outlets.

“Those rumors started with certain identified parties & spread,” Brown continued. “They ought [to] ‘Cease & Desist’ or contemplate a Defamation Action.”

Without ever saying Ralph’s name, Brown offered “a warning to anybody listening” during an audio interview being promoted by the Jasmine Brand.

“I might bring in my legal team and proceed for defamation of character,” Brown said before adding: “When they put my face next to hers… that becomes innuendo. That’s very destructive to my reputation.”

Notably, Brown later admitted that Ralph “hasn’t said anything that implicates me.”

Last year, during his failed campaign for mayor of Memphis, Brown suggested a Black woman shouldn’t be elected to the post because she might get “raped.”


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