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Graduation shooting in Richmond, Virginia

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

A father and son were killed and five others injured in a shooting Tuesday after a high school graduation in Richmond, Virginia.

According to police, Shawn Jackson, 18, and his father Lorenzo Smith, 36, were killed after Amari Pollard, 19, opened fire on the two men. Police say Pollard knew Jackson and that the two have been in a long-running dispute for years. 

Richmond Interim Police Chief Rick Edwards told the press that why the two men got into the altercation is still being investigated. 

“This was targeted at one individual … that’s what we know at this time,” Edwards said during a news conference Wednesday.

Edwards also said that police believe Pollard attended the graduation, before having an “interaction” with Pollard. That’s when police say he then went to his car to retrieve his handgun.

Pollard was arrested shortly after the shooting and was charged with two counts of second-degree murder. 

Graduation shooting in Richmond

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Tameeka Jackson-Smith told AP that her son had just received his high school diploma from the Virginia graduation and he and his father were headed to the park to meet up with family when the shooting erupted.

She also said that she and Smith’s 9-year-old daughter got hit by a car during the mayhem caused by the shooting.

“He was just running and shooting,” Jackson-Smith said to AP. “I had my daughter beside me and I saw her get hit by a car. My niece almost got hit by a car. I was trying to grab them.”

 Fortunately, the young girl was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital. 

Jackson-Smith had nothing but positive things to say about her son and her husband.

“He was so happy — oh my God — because he got to graduate. He worked hard,” Jackson-Smith said to AP. 

She also said her son was an amazing athlete who enjoyed rap music and making music videos.

“Any sport that he touched he was great at,” she said.

When remembering her husband she called him sweet and a caregiver. 

“My husband was so sweet,” she told AP. “He was a caregiver, he was just everything that you could wish for in a person.”

Graduation shooting in Richmond, Virginia

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

The death of Shawn Jackson and Lorenzo Smith at the hands of Amari Pollard is still being investigated by authorities. Pollard has been arraigned and is being held without bond. He is expected to make another court appearance later this month.


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