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Video Shows Patriot Front And Proud Boys Members Fight

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OK, I’m not sure what’s going on in MAGA World these days, but just last week, we reported that Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert got into a heated QKaron quibble on the House floor over whose futile attempt at impeaching President Joe Biden for no discernable reason should have been presented to Congress, and now, it appears that the Proud Boys and the Patriot Front have gotten into a KKKerfluffle in Portland.

So, the viral White nationalist-on-white nationalist crime video begins with a bunch of angry MAGA minions shouting at each other to “get the f–k out” while some were wilding rolled-up American flags, which they eventually ended up swinging at each other (which I imagine is a violation of the U.S. flag code, but whatever). Apparently, the two groups were fighting about which one was actually the feds, which was enough to have delusional right-wingers in full conspiracy mode just like Greene was when she erroneously (and without evidence) claimed a group of white supremacists who staged a demonstration in Texas was part of a “fed operation.” It’s almost as if Caucasian conservatives can’t fathom that they have white supremacists among them despite how far they go to make their ideology inviting to white supremacists.

While the loud, white and factless were convinced undercover feds were deployed to make them look bad (apparently, they’ve given up on blaming Antifa for right-wing violence), the rest of Twitter just sat back to enjoy the infighting between Bargain Basement Klan groups.

Anyway, as the mini civil war (if both sides were the Confederacy) continued between angry white men with masks and angry white men without masks continued, a couple of members of one of the groups (I’m not sure which because all white supremacists look alike to me) got their masks pulled off while one man off-camera shouted “DEMASK” and a moment later fistikkkuffs ensued.

Some members involved in the mixed MAGA arts street fight can be heard calling others “racist” (which is like Garfield calling Heathcliff “tiger stripes,” but, whatever) while other members were heard shouting various bigoted slurs.

The whole thing was a mess, but also hilarious. I mean, here we have two groups that have both been named white nationalist hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center fighting each other while armed with American flags and accusing each other of being infiltrators from the federal government and of racism (which, again, is basically the snowflake calling the mayonnaise jar white).

You really can’t write a better American comedy than this.


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