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November is Diabetes Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time to learn about all the different types of diabetes. Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes which is diabetes while pregnant, are the more common types that we hear about but there are many misconceptions surrounding each of them.

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I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2006 and have had my ups and downs living with this autoimmune disease so it’s always been great to connect with other Black type 1 diabetics. I am excited to bring together a few more of my T1D friends to talk about different topics throughout Diabetes Awareness month. Our second topic was Type 1 Diabetes and Advocacy.

According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2019, 37.3 million Americans, or 11.3% of the population, had diabetes. Nearly 1.9 million Americans have type 1 diabetes, including about 244,000 children and adolescents and Of the 37.3 million adults with diabetes, 8.5 million were undiagnosed. Sadly the number of new diabetics grows every year. The ADA estimates that 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year.

But for Black people, the numbers are even more discouraging. According to HHS, in 2018, Black people were twice as likely as whites to die from diabetes. Black adults are 60 percent more likely than non-Hispanic white adults to be diagnosed with diabetes by a physician. HHS also found that in 2017, Black people were 3.2 times more likely to be diagnosed with end-stage renal disease as compared to whites and 2.3 times more likely to be hospitalized for lower limb amputations.

An advocate is someone who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. They speak for those who may not be able to and it was a pleasure to have 2 amazing Type 1 Diabetes advocates in The DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) to join me for this conversation. Kylene aka Ky and Adeline aka Lina have both been living with Type 1 Diabetes but their stories are completely different. Learn more about their journeys plus what they’re doing now to help all diabetics, best practices when choosing your insurance, how to be an advocate and so much more!

You can watch this full conversation in the video below and make sure to look out for my future conversation this month!

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