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Dream Defenders: Marjua Estevez Is Prioritizing First Amendment Rights For Black Journalists

Dream Defenders x NewsOne

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As NewsOne embarks on a new partnership with Dream Defenders, we’re privileged to spotlight the profound insights of Marjua Estevez, the public relations manager at the human rights and abolitionist organization lifting up and centering Black and brown people.

Estevez said she is enjoying what she described as “a full circle moment” because she covered Dream Defenders in her previous career as a journalist and noted that Dream Defenders has “inspired journalists like me and informed our work.”

The Dream Defenders partnership with NewsOne was borne out of a need for a dedicated space that prioritizes First Amendment rights for writers and journalists, in particular, who have been increasingly restricted in their abilities to properly and fully do their jobs.

“Now more than ever, we need a home for our Black and brown and indigenous writers who are going to tell our stories, who are going to tell them with truth,” Estevez said. She said it is her mission to help “contribute to the infrastructure of this beautiful legacy.”

Dream Defenders is also dedicated to Black feminism, something that Estevez fills her with pride.

“The women in this organization are such a beautiful reflection of the people who have long informed my tradition as a Black feminist writer,” Estevez said.

Who Are the Dream Defenders?

Dream Defenders was founded in April 2012 after the tragic killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The group was marching and fighting for justice for Trayvon and so many like him.

For deeper insights into the ethos of Dream Defenders and its dynamic partnership with NewsOne, we invite you to watch the video above.


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