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Jeff Mays is a contributing writer for NewsOne, specializing in news about missing persons, via the Black and Missing Foundation.

Carrie Blewett's relatives are calling for a probe of the handling of her case.

Carrie Blewett's family is worried her drug history means police in Kansas City, Missouri are not investigating her case.

The family of Shavon Le'Feye Randle, 13, who was kidnapped and murdered in a feud over 22 pounds of stolen marijuana that she had nothing to do with, wants the violence to stop.

The disappearance last year of Toni Jacobs' daughter, Keeshae, was made fresh by the death of her son earlier this year.

Akia Eggleston of Baltimore was supposed to see the doctor and attend her baby shower before she suddenly vanished in May.

Tanya Tripp was arrested after police found her with her husband, Leon Lamar Tripp, the last person seen with her missing daughter.

Criminal justice reform advocate Glenn Martin says there's too much at stake to wait a decade to close the notorious New York City jail.

Leon Lamar Tripp reportedly left the family's home in Augusta, Georgia, with his stepdaughter, Latania Janell Carwell, 16, early one morning two weeks ago, police and relatives say.

Latania Janelle Carwell and her stepfather, Leon Lamar Tripp, were last seen in the 3100 block of Tate Road in a 1990 GMC Sierra pickup truck with Georgia license plates, police say.

President Donald Trump ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles Thursday at a Syrian military base following the country's suspected use of chemical weapons in an attack that killed over 100 people.

Gift Kamau was last seen on the morning of March 30 leaving her home in Madison, Illinois, on her way to class at St. Louis University.

Shaniah Boyd is among the Black and Latina girls missing in Washington, D.C., police say.