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From Reuters:   NEW YORK (Reuters) – A man working for Wal-Mart was killed on Friday when a throng of shoppers surged into a Long Island, New York, store and physically broke down the doors, a police spokesman said.

President-elect Barack Obama had a message for Americans as the turkey and fixings digested. He was sober about the economic challenge ahead, but also encouraged everyone to count their blessings on a special holiday. Video after the jump.

From The New York Times Online: Sorry, Mr. President. Please surrender your BlackBerry.

From Jack & Jill Politics: The Republican Party has two African Americans vying to be one of the party’s leading voices during an Obama administration. Michael Steele, the former Maryland lieutenant gov, is also in the mix. Can you say "slave catcher"?

From The Daily Kos: On the day before Election Day — that final moment when candidates decide where they want to make their last case to the voters they want to win the most  — Barack Obama chose to visit three big battleground states: Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.

From The Atlantic Monthly: Pete Williams of NBC raised the question on MSNBC this afternoon: Is Hillary Clinton barred by the Constitution from accepting the post of secretary of state?

The way Michelle Obama and Beyonce changed feminism.

From Politico: You don’t hear much about the Iraq war these days, though the US death toll hit 4,205 on Monday. If human life isn't a convincing enough reason to bow out, writes Roger Simon in Politico, then here's one that "really is upsetting people these days: money."

Today, President-Elect Barack Obama announced the establishment of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. The Economic Recovery Advisory Board will provide regular briefings to the President, Vice-President and their economic team.

From Spencer Ackerman at the Washington Independent: With much of President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet still unnamed, it’s understandable that speculation should focus on who helms the different agencies.

Federal authorities are warning law enforcement personnel of a possible terror plot against the New York City subway and train systems during the holiday season, and police are beefing up security in preparation.