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A report by a civil liberties group has found that Los Angeles police officers are more likely to stop and search black and Hispanic residents than they are whites, even though whites are more often found carrying guns and contraband.

A rising wave of optimism lifted Wall Street Monday, propelling the Dow Jones industrials up more than 400 points on more signs of a reviving credit market and support from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for further steps to aid the economy. All the major indexes finished with gains of 3 percent or more.

Check out this week’s moments in Black history.

Momentum increased Monday for a new economic stimulus package to help cash-strapped Americans as President Bush and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke threw their weight behind an idea they earlier opposed.

Beaten down by housing, credit and financial crises, the bruised economy is likely to drag into next year, leaving more people out of work and more businesses wary of making big investments.

Freddie Mac secretly paid a Republican consulting firm $2 million to kill legislation that would have regulated and trimmed the mortgage finance giant and its sister company, Fannie Mae, three years before the government took control to prevent their collapse.

There have been a number of videos circulating around the internet showing the ignorance, fear and hatred of McCain/Palin supporters. Many are disturbing and show the deep rooted ignorance of McCain’s supporters as well as what McCain and Palin are doing to to incite this anger. Here are our Top 5 McCain Palin Hate-Mob videos.

The Obama campaign has faced racism down with competence and transcendence. Unfortunately, as Barack Obama and his supporters have capably defiled anyone using old-hat racist themes to evoke Confederacy Era paranoia, there have been snickering bigots waiting in the fold with one image after another designed to poke fun at his identity. Ta-Nehisi Coates commented […]

Wild gyrations on Wall Street, a loss of confidence in the U.S. banking system and worries the economy will be weak for some time are raising Americans’ anxiety level.

Wall Street remained tense Thursday, extending its huge slide as investors examined mixed economic and earnings data for clues about the economy. The Dow Jones industrials fell more than 170 points, and all the major indexes were seeing wide swings.

The King Family has experienced unbelievable turmoil in the last few months. From a battle over the rights to the late Coretta Scott King’s biography to ailing family associate, Reverend James Bevel, facing conviction for incest on his deathbed, the drama has been unending.  The late Mrs. King’s love letters and personal affects have been […]

Damn, these videos keep popping up. This is the first one that I’ve seen where Obama has been called the N-Word. Who is fueling their anger and ideas? McCain and Palin? Right wing talk radio? Is McCain now openly courting the racist vote?