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Singer Fantasia was on “The Breakfast Club” this week and the she is getting some serious side-eye for her relationship advice. The 35-year-old said women need to “submit” to their man among other things.

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“Most women are trying to be a leader, that’s why you can’t find a man. You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way,” she told “The Breakfast Club.”

She also said, “It’s a generational curse, and how society [has] placed our men. And how women have to stand up to be the mother, and the father and the provider. So now you are so bad that you can’t be told nothing. That when the right man come, you lose him because you’re trying to be the man.”

Fantasia continued, “At the end of the day, I’m the neck, my man’s the head. He can’t make any moves without his wife, you know what I mean? It all works together.”

She stressed, “You have to learn how to submit.” Watch below:

After getting backlash on social media, Fantasia, who married Kendall Taylor in 2011, posted a video with her husband about the “science” of submission.

She also posted a video about how her husband survived life out of prison:

See the mixed reactions below: