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On Jan. 6, some feigned shock and awe regarding the attempted coup at the United States Capitol. B ut one fact cannot be denied: Law enforcement at times aided and abetted the mob of white supremacists who stormed the Capitol grounds.

Now lawmakers and critics are asking Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund to resign due to the breach of security. In addition, some are calling for an investigation into the events, like Reps. Mondaire Jones of New York and Jason Crow of Colorado.

Some argued the police were outnumbered with only 2,000 officers, but it was evident that D.C. officials and law enforcement were well aware of the rally’s intentions as they highly publicized their plans over the last month. Group leaders even secured interviews with national outlets like The Washington Post.

Due to the heightened violence in the last “Stop The Steal” rally held by the Proud Boys in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 12, questioning the preparedness of local law enforcement is valid.

For hours the mob terrorized lawmakers barricaded in chambers and most importantly, the residents of D.C., who could not predict what was to come next. Would the mob venture out into the city or stay embedded at the Capitol grounds?

Four people were killed, one of which has been confirmed as an active participant in yesterday’s events. No to mention the discovery of two pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC headquarters, and a cooler of Molotov cocktails near the Capitol, WUSA9 reports.

The National Guard and extra reinforcement arrived after repeated callouts, culminating in at least 52 arrests and five weapons charges, according to The New York Times. 26 weapons were discovered on Capitol grounds in Washington D.C. one of the strictest cities with laws against open carry.

While media outlets struggled to call out the apparent display of sensitivity and pause taken by police, Black Twitter distinctively pointed that this same level of calm and reserve has never been perpetrated for causes and protests advocating for Black lives.

The chaos was executed by domestic terrorists who were encouraged and emboldened, not just by Trump, but by the groundwork the United States was founded on.

What was even more enraging were the videos and photos of officers aiding the mob from different angles. One video showed officers opening the barricade for the flood to come in, another showed cops taking selfies with the terrorists.

On social media users pointed to the ways in which Capitol Police have responded to past protests and demonstrations showing an apparent double-standard in the usage of force.

Other’s remembered the 2013 shooting death of Miriam Carey, a Black mother who was experiencing a mental health episode as she made a U-turn at the Capitol’s security checkpoint.

Wednesday’s events verified and reminded America that law enforcement spurred from slavery and is a driving factor of the fundamental principles used to strip Black communities of justice.