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Another Friday, another day where Meghan McCain is pushing her politics on “The View” in the rudest fashion.

This morning, one of the main topics of discussion involved the impeachment hearings where Donald Trump is under question for allegedly bribing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump allegedly wanted him to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden during the 2020 election season.

Testimonies have been carrying on for most of the week with various people accusing Trump or his administration of stepped out of line. One of the biggest star testimonies came from US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland who confirmed that there was a quid pro quo request for Ukraine to investigate the Bidens in exchange for President Zelensky’s invite to a White House meeting.

Despite some of these major testimonies, Joy Behar explained on “The View” that “support for impeachment is going down for Americans and Trump’s approval ratings — I can’t even say it, it makes me nauseous — are going up.”

This prompted a heated debate where co-hosts like Sunny Hostin and Behar argued that the evidence against Trump is so clear. However, Ms. McCain decided to pull up a clip of Rep. Will Hurd (R) who said during the hearing that he has not heard evidence proving that the president committed bribery or extortion.

This is when Behar said, “He must be deaf. He says he hasn’t heard it. We all heard it, he’s deaf,” to which McCain made her first condescending remark, “I think the point of this show is that every panelist on this show sort of lives in a different world and has a different view. That’s the whole point of the show.”

McCain then tried to argue that she believes there’s a general distrust on who to believe anymore. Behar replied, “What about the Constitution?” This is when McCain snidely remarked, “I have a copy of the Constitution on my nightstand. So please don’t talk to me about the Constitution.”

Twitter was over it.

One user tweeted, “Meghan have you read the constitution? You need to stop being so damn rude!”

Writer, activist and veteran, Charlotte Clymer, also tweeted, “Dear producers of @TheView: I would like to point out that unlike Meghan McCain, I have actually read my copy of the Constitution and sworn an oath in uniform to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I would make an excellent replacement.”

Luckily Behar, also had a calm, cool and collective clap-back to McCain when she said, “The Constitution belongs to all of us whether we have it on our nightstand or not.” Behar went on to say that bribery is listed as one of the impeachable offenses.

Hostin then went on to say that Hurd’s comments said more about him than it did about the evidence. “It’s about the fact that he heard evidence clear and simple, and for him to sit there and say that evidence has to be overwhelming and that he heard no overwhelming evidence, I want to know which hearings he was sitting at.”

With this statement, the audience gave Hostin a round of applause, which McCain didn’t like, of course. “It’s easy to get a cheap applause line here,” she said.

Hostin then interrupted McCain, saying, “It’s not a cheap applause line, maybe they agree.” McCain then snapped, “Let me speak” to which Hostin snapped back “You’ve been speaking a lot.”

It was the usual rude, entitled shenanigans from Meghan. You can check out the drama below, then scroll down for some hilarious Twitter reactions.