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The rude co-host has another outburst on "The View".


Hard to know where to begin on this, but it’s also hard not to say something, either. Perhaps I should refer to history. Should I start with the Robert Charles Riots of 1900? Or how about Atlanta 1906? Maybe Chicago 1919? How about Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921? Do we even need to fast forward to the 1960s? Harlem 1964? […]

Georgetown University professor and author Michael Eric Dyson recently said that the constitution has been “hi-jacked.” “It has been hijacked by people with narrow, vicious and parochial visions,” said Dyson on ABC’s This Week with host Christiane Amanpour. The debate included columnist George Will who also spoke on the importance of the centuries old document […]

New York — Today, as promised, the Congress read the Constitution out loud today. Or parts of it. They actually opted to only read the Constitution-as-amended, meaning among other things they left out the three-fifths compromise that declared slaves to be the equivalent of three-fifths of a full vote.  They also left out the 18th […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers took turns reading the Constitution on the House floor Thursday, a nod to tea partiers who put Republicans in power. Even the nation’s founding text got caught in political tussling: Democrats questioned omitting amended sections that reflect how the document has changed over time, such as one that classified slaves as […]

WASHINGTON D.C. Several members of Congress will be taking part in a historical reading of the Constitution. But they will be using an amended version to avoid some of the history reflected in it, particularly the institution of slavery. Tea Party favorite Republican Congressman, Bob Goodlatte of Georgia is organizing the reading. The Hill reports: […]