Following the Sony Pictures e-mail hacking scandal, Amy Pascal (pictured right), the co-chairman of Sony Pictures, has resigned from her position. Pascal worked at the studio for almost 20 years and was responsible for overseeing the company’s movie business for over a decade. However, leaked e-mails connected to the release of the movie “The Interview” exposed everything […]

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Probably one of the best things to surface from Sony Pictures Entertainment’s e-mail hacking scandal is that co-chair Amy Pascal wants Idris Elba (pictured), a Black Briton, to reprise the traditionally White role of master spy James Bond. RELATED: Sony Urged To Not Cast Denzel Washington Because Of Racist Overseas Moviegoers And why wouldn’t Pascal want him for […]

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Last week, hackers released hundreds of stolen emails between Sony executives. Several of the hacked emails have been highlighted as being racist in nature and now the company is trying to slow down the spread of their internal communications that mention everyone from President Barack Obama to Kevin Hart.  As a result of the released documents, Sony exec Amy Pascal […]