Scaling back contraception coverage could affect up to 55 million women.


On Saturday, activists will hold nationwide demonstrations surrounding Planned Parenthood’s federal funding.


As drug abuse allegations continue to swirl around Prince’s death, those close to the legendary singer are speaking out. According to bodyguard Chris “Romeo” Gaither, the artist never had an issue with drugs. “I was Prince’s bodyguard up until the day he died,” said Gaither outside of an invite-only memorial service for the singer in Minnesota. […]

As testament to the success of the GOP-debated, Supreme Court upheld Affordable Care Act, an analysis published Tuesday reveals that women have saved $1.4 billion on birth control pills since the mandate for insurance companies to cover the contraception went into effect three years ago. The numbers, detailed by Health Affairs and reported by the […]

A major move to broaden birth control options for women in the military is taking shape in both houses of Congress as they move forward to make contraceptives accessible on a larger scale, the New York Times reports. An annual defense policy bill says women should “have access to a sufficient supply” of birth control during […]

A Los Angeles native is speaking out on the dangerous effects of birth control after she suffered a stroke at the age of 26, ABC reports. In an interview with ABC News, Jordan Ward said that in the middle of planning her wedding, she faced symptoms of nausea, blurred vision, and headaches. After her fiancé suggested she see […]

WASHINGTON  — The Senate on Thursday defeated a GOP effort to roll back President Barack Obama’s policy on contraception insurance coverage in the first vote on an issue that raised questions of religious and women’s rights and riled Americans in this volatile election year. SEE ALSO: Obama: My Koran Apology Calmed Tensions The 51-48 vote […]

Obama Administration faces backlash from the Catholic Church over the health care birth control mandate. Could they have avoided this conflict? This week’s Washington Watch roundtable features Sophia Nelson, Joseph Williams, Michelle Bernard and Joe Madison.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will announce a plan to accommodate religious employers outraged by a rule that would require them to cover birth control for women free of charge, according to a person familiar with the decision. SEE ALSO: Why Bush Jr. And Sr. Are The Real Food Stamp Presidents Obama was expected to […]

WASHINGTON — Republicans vowed Wednesday to reverse President Barack Obama’s new policy on birth control, lambasting the requirement that religious schools and hospitals provide employees with free contraceptives as an “unambiguous attack on religious freedom in our country.” SEE ALSO: Santorum Sweeps Romney The White House pushed back in the face of a political firestorm, […]

There’s an old saying that goes:  it takes a village to raise a child.  But how many of us really understand what this means?  Based on the continuing ridiculous debate over Plan B contraception and young girls, apparently not too many of us.  If we actually realized that our youth need the input and guidance […]

WASHINGTON — Conservative groups are condemning new guidelines that require health insurers to cover birth control with no co-pay. The most extreme objection has come from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who said on Monday that offering free birth control to women could kill ofF the entire human race. Well if you applied that preventative medicine […]