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Community members in North Carolina are praying for the safe return of Allisha Watts, a 39-year-old woman who was last seen on July 16, according to WCNC-Charlotte. 

Family members said Watts drove down to Charlotte, North Carolina where she planned to meet up with her boyfriend, James Dunmore. The duo had plans to attend a comedy show at Bojangles Coliseum. It’s unclear if she ever made it to the event. 

At a press conference on July 26, relatives of the 39-year-old said Charlotte authorities have not given any updates about the Moore County native’s whereabouts. “We don’t know nothing,” Cortilous Hill, a cousin of Watts, said. “That’s the problem…What we know is when the public finds out. That’s why we’re here.”

At Wednesday’s conference, Watt’s family was joined by members of the Racial Justice Network, a civil rights organization dedicated to eradicating racial disparities across America. They vowed to fight for her safe return home. The organization is working on organizing a search party for Watts.“They are not telling us anything,” a rep for the organization said.“We want to be able to put a team together to look for her. She’s well-loved in her hometown as you can see. We want to know where Allisha is. We need answers now.”


What do officials know so far?

Allisha Watts has been missing for over 10 days. She was last seen on July 16, leaving a residence on Pamela Lorraine Drive, according to a press release. She was seen driving in her black 2023 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 SUV. Two days later, on July 18, the North Carolina native’s Mercedes-Benz SUV was found at a Department of Motor Vehicles office in Anson County. Dunmore was found unresponsive inside the vehicle by state troopers, according to officials. Watt’s was nowhere to be found. 

According to WRAL, when officers found Denmore in the vehicle “he initially told authorities he was taking a nap.” Officers returned to the parking lot three hours later to find him unresponsive.

The SUV was towed back to Charlotte for processing at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Watts’ location still remains unknown and authorities have not released details about the ongoing investigation. Authorities have not issued updates about Dunmore’s condition or if he knows information about the mysterious disappearance.

Relatives told WCNC-Charlotte that they saw “red flags” shortly after meeting Dunmore. 

“There were several things he would say or do — to us, that were controlling — but to her, it was, ‘He loves me,'” Learen Blue, Watts’ long-time friend, told the outlet. Hill echoed a similar statement. “He came off as a weird individual to me.” Hill said, noting how Dunmore had “sneaky eyes.”

A video obtained by WCNC-Charlotte from one of Watt’s relatives shows police searching Dunmore’s home in University City. It’s unclear when the video was taken. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department hasn’t revealed why they were searching the home or if they found anything related to the case inside.

Allisha Watts went missing around the same time 25-year-old Carlee Russell’s disappearance exploded across the internet. On the X app, formerly known as Twitter, some people are worried that Russell’s kidnapping “hoax” may deter officials from pursuing Watt’s case and other missing Black women that have been reported.


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