The lingering questions about the icon's assassination may never truly be answered.

Dexter Scott King, the youngest son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and equally missed Coretta Scott King, died following an extensive battle with prostate cancer. He was 62.

The events are designed to help "create a just, humane, equitable and peaceful world."

The White House will be meeting with relatives of Martin Luther King Jr. to celebrate Monday’s 60th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., remains one of the most highly investigated and second-guessed murders of our time. While James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to killing the civil rights leader and was sentenced to life in prison, Coretta Scott King and other members of his inner circle had suggested that Dr. King was a “victim of conspiracy.”

It even has an MLK "quote" experts claim was never actually said.

When will white people *overcome* the need to misuse MLK quotes?

Dr. Martin Luther King's speeches have grown to become timeless while greatly contributing to changing the tide of American history.


Legendary words in honor of MLK Day.


Iconic pictures that underscore Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s brave determination to pave the way for each of us to enjoy a freer existence than he did.

The late great Martin Luther King Jr. had an opinion on use of the N-Word, which was recently revealed in a letter up at auction for $95,000.

Good News

Pioneering journalists Alice Dunnigan and Ethel Payne will be posthumously honored by the White House Correspondents’ Association.