The walkout didn't stop the vote, but Black senators would rather withhold their participation instead of engaging in a sham process that does not honor and respect the experiences and history of many within the state.  

The media's continued failure to discern the difference between genuinely concerned parents and the political agenda bent on destroying years of equality is sad but not surprising. It also shows a media landscape wholly unprepared for race conversations and the fundamental need to divest from white supremacy.  


Kohler was one of several board members who voted in support of the resolution last July. Passed less than two months after Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, the now rescinded resolution included language condemning white supremacy culture and hate speech. It also recommended that school districts think more intentionally.  

All 19 Mississippi failing school districts are predominantly Black and lack basics like proper text books, the lawsuit says.

The Education Department accesses civil rights gains under President Obama. Activists are preparing for rollbacks under Trump's administration.

U.S. Secretary of Education John King shares his vision for education equity. NewsOne Now host Roland Martin and his panel evaluate King's vision and the likely education policies of the presidential candidates.