Keishanna Thomas, the 31-year-old mother of four other children, was arrested and held on contempt of court charges on Sunday after failing to answer questions about the whereabouts of her missing daughter, Janiya Thomas.

On Friday, Michelle Blair, 36 was sentenced to life without parole for killing her two children and then putting their bodies into a deep freezer. Her final appearance in the courtroom only solidified Blair’s lack of regret for her ruthless crime. In her last chance to speak in court, she chose to point out the […]

In a shocking and disturbing courtroom confession, a Detroit mother charged with killing and freezing her children to death said Monday that she felt “no remorse for the death of them demons,” according to MLive. The mother, Mitchelle Blair, was arrested after the bodies of Stoni Blair, 13, and Stephen Berry, 9, were discovered in […]

Mom accused of killing 2 kids, putting bodies in freezer yells she killed them in outburst — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) June 5, 2015 In one of the most disturbing murder cases in recent times, Detroit mother Mitchelle Blair confessed back in March to the murder of her 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son before […]