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James Baldwin shares words of wisdom and intellect in a series of interviews.

Hillary Clinton showed up to a labor protest outside of the Trump International Hotel and spoke to workers about their right to unionize.

A Black man has died in police custody at a Jackson, Mississippi jail. Jamal Mallard's family believes something happened while he was in police custody and are skeptical about his sudden death.

Kim Ohaegbulam was not allowed to use the bathroom at an NYC bar and claims it was caused by racial discrimination.

Ben Carson defends Rupert Murdoch's comments about the "real" blackness of President Obama.

California governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation for a new law designed to guard people of color against racial profiling at the hands of police officers. This act by the state comes just a few days after the New York Police Department said they would begin tracking officers’ use of excessive force. The Racial and Identity Profiling […]

Historic South Carolina flooding has now taken the lives of 11 people, wiped out homes, and left many more without power.

Former YouTube pimp, Donald Clifton “D’Nero Armani” Allen Jr., could face up to 30 years in federal prison if convicted on charges of child pornography and sexual abuse, the New York Daily News reports. Allen’s lavish YouTube videos gave other wannabe pimps advice on how to prosper and handle their prostitutes. Allen has been in federal prison […]

For Virginia couple Arkell and Dana Griffin-Graves, having a baby was a trying feat that resulted in several miscarriages and the birth of a stillborn baby. But after 17 years of marriage, the couple is now celebrating the upcoming birth of their son. And in a new viral moment that has literally made the internet world weep, […]

A former Providence, Rhode Island police officer and his son are suing the department for $1 million, alleging they were arrested due to racial discrimination, physically harmed, and not allowed to exercise their Fourth Amendment rights. According to the lawsuit, ex-police officer Christopher Owens and his son Tyler were on their front lawn doing yard work when […]

Najee Smith, son of rapper LL Cool J, was arrested after an altercation at a New York restaurant in the Meatpacking District.

Despite what appears to be an increase in violent crime and murder in major U.S. cities, the FBI reports that those rates have dropped since last year.