Chef Tafari worked in the Obamas' White House.

What makes DeSantis’ political stunt any different than the Reverse Freedom Rides? The decades change, but the racist game stays the same.

Celebrity News

Erykah Badu has apologized to the Obamas for posting video footage showing former President Barack Obama dancing and having the time of his life at his legendary birthday party on Martha's Vineyard.

The "Phone Down" neo-soul icon herself has issued a social media apology to The Obamas for, well, not knowing when to put her phone down at the former president's 60th birthday party on Martha's Vineyard.

A local chapter of the NAACP is investigating if racism was involved when two white boys at the camp in Martha's Vineyard placed tent straps around the neck of a Black boy, leaving the 8-year-old camper with "an abrasion."

Kevin Brooks followed the driver and confronted him.

Put away your trusty summer playlist -- the White House just released two, one for day and one for night, hand-picked by President Obama.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will vacation with his family in Martha’s Vineyard at the end of this month as he’s done in years past, the White House said Wednesday, despite the weak economy and negotiations on the nation’s debt problem. Press secretary Jay Carney defended Obama’s plans to take a break even as he’s […]

As a getaway for two Democratic presidents, including the current one, Martha’s Vineyard is often disparaged as an undemocratic haven for wealthy white elites.