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Last week, the forever-favorite former President Barack Obama celebrated his milestone 60th birthday with a super extravagant party on Martha’s Vineyard that unfortunately became so exclusive that many had to be uninvited.

One person that was lucky enough to be in the building though was Neo-soul icon Erykah Badu, but she ended up breaking the cardinal rule by filming inside the private shindig much to public scrutiny.

Now, the “Phone Down” singer herself has issued a social media apology to The Obamas for, well, not knowing when to put her phone down.

Jumping on Twitter Thursday evening, Badu addressed “Mr. And Mrs. Obama” directly for pulling the rookie move and capturing footage of an event that even us normal folk would’ve known was a big no-no.

Peep her written apology below:

“Mr. And Mrs. Obama , Please forgive me 4 being the “terrible guest “ at such a sacred event for your family. I was so inconsiderate, Thank you for all your love. What an example of ‘how NOT ‘ to be …… erica”

We’re pretty sure Big O and the Misses weren’t tripping too heavy over Erykah’s lapse of judgment in the moment, but the fact that she even addressed it straightforward showed enough respect in itself.

As you might’ve seen in the article we wrote last week about the party being back on after a temporary cancellation due to the rise in Delta variant cases, A-list attendees at the soiree included but weren’t limited to, Don Cheadle, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union and besties of the Obamas, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Take a look at Erykah Badu’s Twitter apology to The Obamas below, and let us know whether you think she was in the right to do so or if the R&B queen needed to apologize at all:

Right-wing trolls and other politically conservative personalities tried to capitalize on Badfu’s video in a disingenuous effort to prove a point that simply does not exist — that the party, which hosted hundreds of people, flouted public health guidelines.

Critics had been expressing fake outrage over the birthday party because of their purported concerns about COVID-19 — an issue many of whom have remained quiet about as their own Republican leaders move to loosen restrictions while infections rise because of vaccine hesitancy.

Even though it won’t placate the aforementioned Republican-led fake outrage, the New York Times reported that the people invited were “mostly vaccinated” and that they all “had to submit negative tests to gain entry to the property.”

Obama and his family are fully vaccinated and he is among the loudest voices encouraging people to get vaccinated as a way to both protect from infection and to help bring the pandemic under control.


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