World renowned photographer, Peter Dean Rickards recently made a trip to Port Au Prince for a five hour trip to capture the tragedy of the Haitian earthquake for First-Magazine. What he came up with is a collection of photos that not only captured the horror of the earthquake, but also the vibrant humanity of Haiti […]


By Rhonesha Byng The entire world celebrated the inauguration of the 44th president and the first African American president of the United States. From “the Remaking of America” to “The Time Has Come” several of the headlines from across the globe read hopeful forecasts for the future of America and for the world.  Take a […]


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President-elect Obama has foreshadowed his agenda of temperance by naming cabinet appointments in the past few weeks. Rather than skewing heavily to conservative hawkish strategies or to more radical liberal changes, Obama has used his typically even-handed approach to staff the cabinet.