Waymond "Chef Way" Wesley, a TikTok chef and Texas prosecutor, resigned after backlash from his old tweets disparaging Black women.

The Rev. Donte Hickman, of East Baltimore, said he was "unavailable" to meet with Trump at the president's impromptu "Inner City Pastors" meeting at the White House.

Former Utah Rep. Mia Love went on national live TV to say how unsure she was whether Trump's tweets about Congresswomen of color was racist.

The future of Roseanne Barr's eponymous TV show was in serious doubt Tuesday after she compared a Black woman to an ape.

Sharon Reed, a CBS46 news anchor in Atlanta, responds with dignity on air to a racist tweet.

When English soccer star Fabrice Muamba, who plays for Bolton Wanderers, collapsed on the field after suffering a heart attack, it shocked the entire sports world. SEE ALSO: Newt Gingrich Charges Fans $50 To Take Picture With Him Medics rushed on the field during the March 17 FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur in a […]