In fact, hitting children is the first step in the process of producing criminals.


The judge in Tyrese's custody battle placed some very serious restrictions and guidelines that he must follow or find himself back in court.

Just when NBA Houston Rockets superstar Dwight Howard (pictured) thought he was in the clear of all child abuse allegations involving his 6-year-old son that were brought forth by his ex-girl and baby mama, reality star, Royce Reed, now the athlete is reportedly under investigation again for the same charges but in another state according to TMZ. […]


CNN’s Don Lemon is known for making controversial, often questionable, statements. Well, in this week of “Don Lemon Said What,” the anchor raised eyebrows while trying to defend spanking as a form of discipline for raising children. He championed its merits partly based on its effectiveness in training dogs. “Listen, I went to training — I […]

Republicans and African Americans may not agree on much, but they tend to be on the same page when it comes to spanking, according to a longtime study by the University Of Chicago. RELATED: Reggie Bush Backs Adrian Peterson’s Discipline Methods Black Americans are more likely than any other racial group to spank their children, […]

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Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel (Malik Husser, Kim Brown and Paris Dennard) discuss the Adrian Peterson child abuse case and how far is too far when disciplining your child. Listen to their entire conversation below. Be sure to listen to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, weekdays at 7 a.m. EST and watch at 9 a.m. EST on TV One.   


NBA legend Charles Barkley appeared on CBS’ pregame show, The NFL Today, with host Jim Rome and defended spanking in the aftermath of NFL player Adrian Peterson’s child abuse scandal. “I don’t believe that because, listen, we spank kids in the south,” Barkley said. “I think the question about did Adrian Peterson go overboard? But […]


Rep. Gail Finney (pictured), a Wichita, Kansas lawmaker, introduced a bill last week that would define corporal punishment and protect the rights of individuals who spank and leave marks on children from being charged with child abuse. The controversial move has sparked a heated debate with opponents referring to the move as “disturbing,” according to […]

When Marie Lyssa Mars (pictured) reportedly spanked her 5-year-old son in front of patrons at a Brockton, Mass., supermarket, little did she know she’d be arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a child under 14, according to The Enterprise. Police documents state that Mars and her son were shopping […]

A recent survey taken on YourBlackWorld found that more than 80 percent of black respondents have no problem with the idea of giving spankings to their children.  Additionally, the same 78 percent of the respondents feel that the anti-spanking wave has gone too far. SEE ALSO: Black Latinos Talk Struggles As I reminisce on the […]