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As Tyrese’s social media antics continue, the singer/actor recently received some good news when he was awarded joint physical custody of his 10-year-old daughter Shayla. However, the judge in the case also placed some very serious restrictions and guidelines on Tyrese that he must follow or find himself back in court.

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The judge in Tyrese’s custody case with his ex-wife Norma Gibson has firmly ordered that he is prohibited from spanking his daughter while she is in his care and he must also enroll in a series of parenting classes and therapy sessions, according to a new report from TMZ.

Via TMZ:

Tyrese may have regained 50/50 custody of his daughter, but turns out there were strings attached.

The judge issued a series of conditions, including:

— Neither Tyrese nor Norma Gibson can use corporal punishment in disciplining 10-year-old Shayla.

— Tyrese must take parenting classes focused on appropriate disciplining of his daughter.

— Both Tyrese and Norma must enroll in “high conflict parenting classes.”

— Tyrese and Shayla must enroll in joint therapy with a psychologist. Shayla must also undergo individual counseling.

According to the order, Tyrese has Shayla for both [Christmas] and New Year’s — and all of his visits with her must be spent in Southern California … until April 30.

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Meanwhile, Tyrese is still proceeding with his pattern of erratic behavior, as he is still holding comedian Michael Blackson “hostage” in his home despite police rushing over earlier this week without realizing the kidnapping was staged as a prank.


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