Corey Pujols, a Black Dunkin Donuts employee in Tampa, Florida, has been charged with manslaughter for fatally punching an elderly man who used a racist slur that prompted the violence.

Tampa police said a fourth person was fatally shot Tuesday in what many fear was a serial killing.

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A recent Tampa Bay Times expose revealed that Tampa police write more bike tickets than the cities surrounding it combined. Those tickets are for things including not using lights at night, riding close to the curb and keeping hands on handlebars. Not surprisingly, eighty percent of those stopped are African American or black. Apparently the police are […]

TAMPA — A Tampa, Florida entertainment company named Hood-Lynked Entertainment is promoting “Da First Eva Coon-O-Ween Party.” While the party seems to have been created by an African American company for African American club-goers, the term “coon” is considered a racial slur. It is not clear why the party is called “Coon-O-Ween” other that the […]