From CAPE TOWN — Jessica Hilltout, a nomadic, Belgian-born photographer, loaded sacks of deflated soccer balls onto the roof of a battered yellow Volkswagen Beetle last year and began a seven-month road trip across Africa to document the continent’s love of the game. She found it in villages where children played with joyous abandon […]

ACCRA, Ghana (AP) — Ghana president John Atta Mills said the country’s World Cup players will be given national honors and $20,000 each after making Africa proud with their performance in South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG — A 35-year-old American was shot and robbed while walking to his hotel but his life is not in danger, a police spokeswoman said Thursday.

Millions of Americans are currently enthralled with the performance of our USA soccer team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as evidenced by the eruption of cheers when Landon Donovan scored a goal in the final minutes of the match against Algeria. His winning goal has been hailed as a watershed moment in American sports […]

From Within this month hundreds upon thousands of soccer fans will fill the South African stadiums for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in hopes of watching their favorite teams score. But as the beer is poured, and inhibitions are lost, many of these same fans will be looking to score for themselves outside arena.

JOHANNESBURG – The death of Nelson Mandela’s great-granddaughter cast a shadow over the opening day of the World Cup on Friday, dampening the spirits of a nation proud and excited to be hosting the world’s most popular sporting event.

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Nelson Mandela will likely greet fans and players for 10 to 15 minutes at the World Cup opening ceremony before watching the rest of the game from home, his grandson said Tuesday.

From Thierry Henry signing with the New York Red Bulls is not yet official but his team, Barcelona, has reportedly allowed him to negotiate out of his contract. With Henry’s pending decision, theBVX decided to break down some other notable black athletes in the field of soccer.