Focusing on the importance of having a substantive conversation about girls’ education in Africa Wednesday afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama (pictured) spoke with an audience of 500 participants in President Barack Obama’s Mandela Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) summit before meeting with a select group during a roundtable. RELATED: Empowering Africa’s Next Generation of Leaders […]


President Barack Obama’s town hall on Monday with 500 of Africa’s most promising young leaders provided an inspiring window in to what the future holds for Africa, and the world. The 500 participants in the Washington Fellowship program were selected from nearly 50,000 applicants from across Africa, as part of the President’s Young African Leaders Initiative […]


On Monday, 500 participants of the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders joined Pres. Barack Obama for a town hall meeting. The meeting caps off a summer for a group of promising young African leaders, ages 25 to 35, who spent their time in the United States sharpening their skills at American universities. RELATED: Background and […]