Lolo Jones Tells Fan She Needs A ‘Relaxer’ To Be Her For Halloween

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Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones continues to lose at Track & Field social media, this time after telling a Twitter follower that she needed a “relaxer” to portray her for Halloween.


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In and of itself, that statement might not be such a bad thing, but when placed in context of her mockery of Trayvon Martin‘s friend Rachel Jeantel, a disturbing pattern of cultural insensitivity begins to emerge.

See Jones’ response to the fan’s costume below:

Twitter user @trackchick dressed as Lolo Jones for Halloween

The fan, Twitter use @trackchick13, tried to justify the perceived error and others on Twitter came to her defense:

And what did Jones say in response? Did she express awareness, apology or regret?

Of course not. She created a false equivalency and insinuated that critics of her little “joke” are hypocrites:

It’s safe to say that Jones, who is already generally disliked, won’t be making new fans anytime soon.

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