Do You Know Any Black Parents Home-Schooling Their Children?

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Do you think Black parents should be home-schooling their children or would you rather take your chances with the school system in your neighborhood?

Below is an excerpt and link to a recent article on the growing number of Black parents home-schooling their children.

Chicago — The children sat placidly in their chairs, elbows on the table, eyes forward. One munched on a clementine. A group of younger children, ages 3 to 5, colored quietly in the back.

“We lost a woman who was very important to us,” announced Afrika Porter-Ollarvia. “Dr. Margaret Burroughs.”

What do the students know, she asked, about Burroughs? Several hands shot up, and answers popped out: “She was an artist!” “Her poems were famous!”

Welcome to the classroom of the Indigo Nation Homeschooler’s Association, where the curriculum is centered on African-American history, culture and language.

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