Can you imagine if a white football coach said he doesn't recruit players who have a "single mama," like Deion Sanders recently said? The loaded comments were dripping with self-hating racist overtones.

The Bills' GM thinks it's a real possibility.

Barely one month after Damar Hamlin had a mid-game, on-field cardiac arrest, an NFL doctor gave a "guarantee" he'll play pro football again.

The NFL has had 500+ head coaches over more than a century. Just 25 have been Black.

The future of the Black quarterback in the NFL is in good hands.

Ed Reed announced Bethune-Cookman University will not hire him as head football coach following his critical comments of the Florida HBCU.

Damar Hamlin's injury spotlights another aspect of sports.

Bethune Cookman University's new head football coach likened the NFL to "fields" on slave plantations when asked about Damar Hamlin's life-threatening injury.

Damar Hamlin is indeed still on his rookie deal. Since his contract is not guaranteed, he could be out of another paycheck from the NFL.

Damar Hamlin is showing "signs of improvement," but is expected to stay in the ICU as doctors continue to monitor him.