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New York — Cops are hunting five teenage girls accused of pummeling a Wendy’s employee in a Queens attack that was posted on YouTube.

The gang of girls punched, kicked and slapped Michelle Ortiz, 42, in a wild melee in the Hillside Ave. fast-food joint in Queens Village on Jan. 21, cops said.

Ortiz, a single mother of five, suffered a concussion in the 5 p.m. beatdown.

“Animals acted better than they acted that night,” Ortiz told the Daily News. “They just kept hitting and hitting and hitting and kicking and punching me in the head. I was defenseless.”

In the shocking cell phone video, Ortiz is seen confronting a mob of young people inside the eatery. Then, someone hurls food at her, and seconds later, the girls pounce.

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Vicious Attack On Wendy’s Worker: