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Being a Republican does not make you an Uncle Tom. If you believe in fiscal responsibility and social conservatism, it is your right to be a republican. However if you are a black republican, it should be your duty to stand up to your party when it becomes blatantly racist against your own kind. You should also realize it when they only use you to attack other black people and never to offer any other points of view.

These African Americans have made a living off of going on Fox News and smearing black leaders and culture. They often are the mouthpieces for the things that even Fox is to racist to say. They always attack another black person and never stand up to any of Fox’s or the GOP’s racism.

1. Juan Williams.

Despite the fact that Williams cried after Obama’s election he has returned to his sell out ways. He called Michelle Obama Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress and has done nothing to speak up against Fox’s racism.

2. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson is the walking embodiment of the Boondocks Uncle Ruckus. He is constantly used by O’Reilly and Hannity to expose black self hate on the TV. He did not give any credit to Barack Obama for winning the election and credited his victory to “racist blacks and guilty whites,” saying that 95% of all blacks are racist.

Listen to Reverend James Lee Paterson Thank God For Slavery

3. Larry Elder

Larry Elder originally supported Obama before learning about Reverend Wright. He was recently on Fox News defending Rush Limbaugh and his racist song Barack The Magic Negro. Elder is a regular commentator on Fox News but is only used to attack Barack Obama and defend right wing racism.

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Watch Larry Elder Defend Barack the Magic Negro on The Bill O’Reilly Show

4. Angela McGlowan

When the bigots at Fox news need to attack on a black woman they call on Angela. Angela attacked Michelle Obama on the Bill O’Reilly Show comparing her to gangster rappers. She neglected to make any comments about O’Reilly’s claim that he isn’t bringing out the lynch mob on Michelle Obama.

“in our community, a lot of folks believe that America is against them. The gangster rappers, the whole nine yards. And Michelle Obama was preying on that, saying in essence, this is the first time she’s ever been proud of a country that’s given her so much opportunity”

Watch Angela McGlowan Attack Michelle Obama on the Bill O’Reilly Show(2 minutes in)

5. Erick Rush

Rush came into prominence by attacking Barack Obama on his connections to Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Trinity Church. He encouraged the GOP to play the race card on Obama, criticized his ties with Ludacris and called him a scary guy all while ignoring Fox News’ racism and the GOP’s ties to Limbaugh. He also recently wrote a book encouraging an American invasion of Mexico, “Annexing Mexico: Solving the Border Problem Through Annexation and Assimilation”

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