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YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Authorities have jailed a 17-year-old Ypsilanti High School student they say repeatedly stabbed a classmate with whom he’d had sex after she told him she may be pregnant.

The attack happened Tuesday on the school grounds in Washtenaw County’s Ypsilanti Township, west of Ypsilanti. The 17-year-old girl was in intensive care Thursday after surgery at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

County assistant prosecutor Arianne Slay says Cortae Kelly stabbed the girl 12 times in the head, back and hands. Slay says Kelly spoke about the pregnancy during the attack, and the girl played dead.

Slay says he later confessed to trying to kill the girl.

Defense lawyer David Goldstein tells the $1 million bond is “ridiculous.” Kelly’s preliminary examination is Feb. 16 on charges of assault with intent to murder.

Ypsilanti High Student Accused of Stabbing Teen Girl, 17:


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