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PHILADELPHIA-Claudia Aderotimi, an English woman who had traveled to Philadelphia, to get implants in her behind to help her career as a dancer and video girl for hip-hop videos, died after the illegal operation. The UK Daily News reports:

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, believed a ‘bigger booty’ would help in her quest to appear in more music videos, her distraught friends have claimed.

One even revealed the aspiring dancer – stagename Carmella London – was dropped from one shoot because directors discovered she had been wearing padded trousers to help enlarge her bottom.

Talent scout Tee Ali, who met the university student when she filmed a video, told The Sun: ‘She was a dancer and choreographer.

‘The problem was she didn’t have no butt, and she wanted a butt.

‘She went to audition for one video shoot wearing fake booty pants and she got all the attention.

‘But when they found out it was fake she didn’t get asked back.’

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