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Houston, Texas–   A Texas man who was exonerated after serving 18 years in prison has been denied compensation because of a legal glitch.  Exonerated Death Row inmate Anthony Graves will be denied compensation because the word “Innocence,” was not used in the document ordering his release, his attorney Katherine Scardino said.

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The state determined that Graves, 45, who could have received as much as $1.4 million had he been deemed eligible, should receive nothing because the words “actual innocence” didn’t appear in the document ordering his release, according to a letter the office sent to Graves’ attorney, Nicole Casarez.

In December, lawyers in the case discussed asking state District Judge Reva Towslee-Corbett, who signed the order freeing Graves, to change the wording of the order. This never happened, however, for reasons that could not be determined Monday.



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