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Maryland — A Baltimore based group of young sisters picked up a mic and a video camera and took their issues with rapper Lil Wayne to Youtube with a song titled “Open Letter.”

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The girls, who go by the group name of “Watoto from the Nile,” have produced numerous videos throughout the last year, but none have struck up an online buzz like their latest.

The sisters, Nia (10), Nya (9), and Kamaria (5), made the seven-minute video over Lil Wayne’s “I’m Single” beat because “he talks about drugs, is disrespectful, and calls women out of their name.”

Below are some of the song’s lyrics:

“I’m a girl that’s only ten, but for my sisters i must represent”

“I can’t understand the way you talk, act…I hate when you be doing that.”

“People say say no to drugs…so tell me sir who should I trust.”

“You lack the knowledge, information, inspiration and your single…and then you start cursing, they make it even worse when they play it on the radio”

“My daddy tell me I’m a queen, but you call women other things….sir don’t call me out my name like Steve Harvey and show your love.”


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